Hosted iFrame Tokenizer Example

You can use this page to preview and emulate various implementations of the Hosted iFrame Tokenizer by altering or appending optional parameters to this URL.

For example, to preview the Hosted iFrame Tokenizer with the Expiration Date and CVV fields, append ?useexpiry=true&usecvv=true to the base URL of this page. View the Hosted iFrame Tokenizer documentation in the Developer Center for a complete list of optional parameters and implementation guidance.

When embedding the HTML iframe in your payment acceptance page, be sure that the src attribute for the iframe references the appropriate Hosted iFrame Tokenizer URL for your use case:

Testing URL:
Production URL:

Note: This demo page includes custom JavaScript functions to load the iFrame Tokenizer and generate an alert window with the tokenized card number when the 'Show Token' button is pressed. Therefore the source code of this demo page does not represent a typical implementation. Reference the Developer Center link above for implementation guidance.
Card number:
The Show Token button below demonstrates the token passed from the inner iFrame is now stored on this page and can be included as part of the payment authorization submission.